What are the benEFITS OF a "Mini" Session?

Mini sessions will always be a lower price than the standard session. These are usually always seasonal. For example, Almond Blossom, Cherry Blossom, Beach.. are usually all at certain times of the year. In order to get everyone booked, they most of the time have to be a mini session. FALL and BEACH Minis are my most popular!

What is included in a mini session?

Mini sessions are seasonal and therefore available during certain days and times. Many clients choose seasonal minis because it is the perfect way to receive a full gallery of photos within a small session time frame. One USB with digital edits and additional photos from the shoot is also included in the package.

How do I book a mini session?

Under "Book a Session" pick a mini session of your choice by clicking and sending an email directly to Ashlyn to book and discuss times. Bookings require a non-refundable (40% of the total) deposit that may be used up to two times as a transfer credit for a future session. For additional questions or concerns, please reach me at 916-919-7764 via text message.